Why Choose

Lead Trackerr for your Business

Lead Trackerr platform is a complete lead management process. The module covers all major feature from lead capture to assignment and sales closing.

  • Auto Capture Lead Facebook and B2B Platforms.
  • Auto Assign Leads to Sales Team.
  • Manage Multiple Followups in Leads.
  • Schedule the Meetings in Leads.
  • Send Auto Email & Whatsapp to Clients.
  • Identify & Focus on Hot Leads for Sales.
  • Transfer Leads one Employee to Another.
  • Employee Performance analysis.
  • Whatsapp Chat from Lead Detail Page.
  • Lead save in Gmail and Phone Book.
Lead Trackerr

The Best Advantages

Sales Team Reports

Know the precision of individual sales efforts of your team.

Product Reports

Know the ultimate demand of your product/service in the marketplace with CRM lead tracking.

Status Reports

With the best lead tracking software Know which leads are Hot, Warm or cold and your team's response time.

Source Reports

Know where your leads are being sourced from with CRM for lead management.

Calculated ROI

Check the exact amount of revenue generated from your software leads.

Easy Mapping

Effectively prioritize your lead or responding calls.

Monitoring Sales

Check your tea's closing ratio and lead management abilities at the real time.

Lead Costing

Identify and reduce the per lead cost of your business.

Crystal-clear Insights

Gain a clear perspective of your team's corporate attitude & capabilities with flawless calculations in lead tracker mobile app.

Efficient Tracking

A reliable lead tracker assists you in viably maintaining your leads.

Refined Processes

By proper lead management, you gain a better view of your target audience.

Boosting Output

Manage your team processes on one platform & increase productivity with a lead management software.

Trusted Reporting

See your team's actual working with real time reporting system.

Enhanced Communication

Connect your entire team's touch-points at one place with the best lead tracker.

Data Security

Be the single authority of all your data with immaculate CRM and lead management.

Lead Trackerr

Email and Whatsapp Automation on Leads


Automate all your marketing efforts through a Lead Trackerr.

Define series of mails and whatsapp messages and send to the every new leads with schedule. Once done, the campaigns adapt to user behavior in real-time, without any manual intervention.

Mobile App

Real-time sales Tracking



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